Coffee: Saving lives since the middle ages

America runs on coffee. No surprise there. I just ran out and got a large coffee with cream and sugar (my normal order). It’s 12am.

Since the first cup of coffee there has been a debate on if the effects of caffeine are good or bad for your health.

Here are my top 3 favorite arguments for

1. It decreases the chances of getting Parkinson’s by almost 8%.

2. It may help fight of Alzheimer’s and Dementia according to a 2009 UF study.

3. It fights depression: coffee drinkers are 45% less likely to commit suicide.

That’s enough to convince me. But it got me thinking, so how long has this debate been going on? Who had the first cup of coffee? We can thank our Arab neighbors for that. They have been drinking coffee since the middle ages.

Thank you Arabs for coffee and camels. Happy Hump Day everyone.

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